Front and Center Talk: Erick Salgado

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Front and Center Talk: Erick Salgado
Rabbi Peretz Eichler
In this eye-opening interview Erick discusses a range of topics including the attack on family values: he was the only candidate who did not march in the Gay Parade. He will make a marriage license that is respectful of people of faith. He understands and will support struggling private school families with property tax credits -- they are within the mayor\'s purview. He will eliminate ticket quotas that kill small businesses. He wants government out of regulating religious issues and also out of regulating other aspects of our lives. He discusses his support in the Jewish community, the Spanish community, the Russian the Chinese and many other communities. He discusses the reason he got into this race that began at the behest of his Jewish friends and also as a result of his help for victims of Sandy. with Peretz Eichler
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